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DarkAngel-- kirjoitti 06.12.2018 18:22
Only in Memories!

1. Memories are the ones to stay,
shining through every cracks of clay.
In this heat you could sometimes fly,
to wrestle with all bad that goes by.

2. Memories have the biggest glee,
like the draught of love let free.
Ready to create moments so wonderful,
helping on this life so rough, so dull.

ref. Travelling in the memories deep,
having to deal with patience so steep.
Only like that colorful poems are done,
juicier getting the lips like the sun.
Wandering around in memories like so,
helps put up with darkness and low.
Like this can melodies come to life,
letting you go on with all without strife.

3.All these mystical stories are there,
like lovesick statues dancing on air.
Destroying the world when they break apart,
so more feelings could fit in the heart.

4. Memories come with thoughts and trails,
creating dreams in love filled tales.
Feeling the feelings when music is played,
breaking or stopping the bonds that were made.

hello :) There my news songs words :) Good evening to you :)
MuoriTimpuri kirjoitti 05.12.2018 13:33
+ 2 <3 Welcome to the Peppery clan :coffee:
peppiina12345 kirjoitti 08.10.2018 17:49
+ <3 <3 :)