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I've been in the haunted house for too long. I hate staying there, I want to kill somebody for my special meal on 31st October. I want to show off to other monsters. I've had enough of these brains which zombies give to me and blood wines that vampires give me for a drink. I am different from others. I WILL TURN INTO A MONSTER!

Others usually call me ''The WereGoulf'' but I will call myself ''The WereSoul''. My hair is snake-like, my body is werewolf like, one of my hands have a chainsaw but my right hand is terribly horrific. Be careful, don't go in woods, I will kill you for my meal.

It feels like my body is burning.
a raging fire within my soul,
The pain of transforming is like a machete
ripping my insides, completely out.

See you in hell! :jason:


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