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The Mysterious Pixxe.


The mystery of this Pixxe is unknown
Its heart inside is like a bloodstone;
He fights for it and dies for it
Untill the light stays unlit.

He will be there for you at night if you are sad
His power can sometimes really be mad
Love is the only thing he needs
To be small and lovely as the sunflower seeds.

He is dressed red and white
And he is as shiny as a flashlight.
His magical powers are secret
As a Pixxes secret gadget.

He is usually in the woods and sky
And you know, he will never spy
Try to be safe and dont run
If he saves you it will be lots of fun

But now, I need to go
and I hope he will sometimes -
be one of the most Mysterious Pixxes,
IN --- THE --- WORLD.

This poem is for the Summer Gala in English forum.
Cheers. :coffee:


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    The Mysterious Pixxe.
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